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Achieve your organization's goals faster with social media engagement. If you're not online or know that your digital strategy can be improved, then this playbook will provide you with all the essentials you need to leverage the power of social media and achieve your organization's goals!

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Hi, I'm Evan and I am so excited that you're here! I have worked in marketing and public relations for the last 20 years. I have helped non-profits, entrepreneurs, celebrities, neighborhood councils, and chambers of commerce achieve their goals whether that be growing sales, volunteers, funding, or committee members.

The REACH model is my bread and butter that has worked with every single client, no matter what industry, goals, or size of the organization. 

REACH stands for revive, educate, action, communicate, and healthy community.

Take a look below to learn more about the REACH model!


Everyone starts somewhere! In the revive stage, you will be auditing your organization's current outreach methods. 

You will take note on everything that works and doesn't work. This information will then be used to integrate tools like social media and content creation tools to optimize the outreach process.


At this stage, you will begin to educate yourself on your organization's roots in order to connect with your local community better.


At this stage, you will prepare a 6, 12, and 18-month outreach plan for all of your organization's events. You will learn how to draw people to your events and learn to connect with community members.


During this stage, you will learn how to communicate like a pro. In this day and age, knowing how to communicate like an expert can be the difference on whether your committee or local organization reaches their goals or is able to grow. 

You will learn how to communicate in any situation including a crisis.

Healthy Community

To build a healthy community, you must learn how to engage with your community. There is no big brand or successful organization on the planet not doing this.

How you show up and engage with a community online and/or offline has become the essential component of a thriving organization.

Ready to see what the REACH model can do for your organzation?

The REACH course is 20 years of my experience condensed into 1 course that specifically helps local organizations such as neighborhood councils, chambers of commerce, non-profits, churches, art centers, and small businesses build efficient outreach and communication systems. No need to hire anyone else. Learn to do it for your organization and save thousands of dollars with a small investment. Get ready to level up your organization and reach your goals!

Hear My Ideas

In a conversation on a podcast out of Los Angeles City Hall, I talk about Venice’s unique place in LA, my role in helping Neighborhood Councils thrive, some hopes for the future of Neighborhood Council elections, and how I am applying my skills as a public relations professional with one of the most engaged and active Neighborhood Councils in the City. 

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My background includes extensive experience with digital media and state-of-the-art technology optimized to drive client and brand recognition. I am an expert in managing projects from inception through launch, cultivating strong business relationships, and operations of all social media platforms. Specialty: I turn ideas into realities.

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